la Nuit Blanche

Stonnington Jazz arrives in South Yarra

The sounds of La Nuit Blanche will fill Murphy Street on Saturday 14 May, 3pm - 6pm.  The ensemble will play a wide variety of great jazz in a street environment.  This is a free event so bring your friends and immerse yourself in these exotic sounds.  Sit, sip, graze and chill while listening to great jazz.

La Nuite Blanche

Melbourne-based, French-inspired ensemble La Nuite Blanche will bring Murphy Street alive with the gypsy sounds of accordion and guitar, and the exy jazz brawn of saxophone and double bass.  Sit back and hear the purring jazz nad pop vocals.  Bringing you the songs of Eartha Kitt, Charles Trenet, Camille, Vanessa Paradis, the Amelie soundtrack and Django Reinhardt.

This is a FREE event, just wander in from Toorak Road and be part of the Pop Up concert.

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