Toorak Road South Yarra

Toorak Road South Yarra is full of wonderful surprises.  Whether you're wanting to relax at one of our many cafes or meet friends at a restaurant for lunch or dinner, the choice is wide and varied.  Perhaps you're wanting to shop for yourself, a friend or your home.  Toorak Road has a wide selection of interesting stores where you can find that 'something special'.

Dotted along the street, and side streets, are some of Melbourne's best hairdressers and beauty salons.  Their services are many and they'll happily assist you with all your needs.  A Gift Voucher if you're wanting a personalised service gift for a friend is always an option.


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Toorak Road South Yarra - from Punt Road to Rockley Gardens and side streets.

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Toorak Road South Yarra 

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