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The business and retail precinct of Toorak Road South Yarra is currently working with all relevant organisations to provide a safe precinct for customers, operators, staff, suppliers and everyone who comes into our precinct… This is a priority.

Serving our customers, and the community at large, has made this street what it is today and we have a responsibility to take up as many initiatives as possible to ensure you are protected from COVID -19.

Our businesses are committed to good practise and trust you understand this when new person-to-person practises, sanitising, cash handling and reduced staff numbers are put in place.

As this unprecedented event is constantly changing we will be monitoring the pace of Covid-19 and will continue to follow prescribed actions. We trust you will continue to support your local community, Toorak Road South Yarra -  Punt Road to Rockley Gardens because as small business operators, we need your support.

Our restaurants and cafes will continue to offer you the very best food and service. Wander along the street enjoying the colour and vitality that is Toorak Road South Yarra, a street that is alive with choices, interesting stores, fabulous food and much more.  With over 300 stores, including restaurants and cafes there is plenty to see, do and enjoy.

 Parking is available on Toorak Road and in the side streets….parking stations are dotted along the side streets all within a few metres of Toorak Road. The South Yarra Train Station opens into the middle of the action and trams run along the street connecting to St Kilda Road.

Take the time to wander the street and side streets for special ideas…follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular ideas and updates.

Looking for a restaurant to chill out in, hear some great music or just have a coffee?  Check out our Business Directory for more wonderful ideas.

Shop, Dine, Play and Stay, what a great place for gifts and experiences.




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Toorak Road South Yarra - from Punt Road to Rockley Gardens and side streets.

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