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Its Easter and school holidays in Melbourne.  Time to enjoy the wonderful variety of foods and Easter ideas available in South Yarra stores.

If you're looking for the unique and delicious, drop into LuxBite at 38 Toorak Road where the Easter theme is a combination of exclusive cakes and chocolate in all its forms.

The Ganache store at 250 Toorak Road is a leader in hand-made chocolates, specially dipped chocolate eggs and a massive variety of Easter chocolate gift ideas.  Why not pop into the store, enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate and relax surrounded by chocolate chocolate chocolate...

A trip to South Yarra is not complete without a visit to Gum Tree Good Foods at 114 Toorak Road for delicious cheeses, breads, Easter goodies and much much more.

Wander into Indosso, Casherism, Tolley Savile Row and Trevor West for that warm winter outfit. Loula, on the corner of Darling Street and Toorak Road is where the best shoes and handbags are found - style, international names and exquisite service. 

Check out our Business Directory for all our fashion stores..

Check out our cafes and restaurant for that Easter dining experience.  Some will have altered trading hours so click on their websites for further information.

Shop, Dine, Play and Stay, what a great place to enjoy.


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Toorak Road South Yarra - from Punt Road to Rockley Gardens and side streets.

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