Elliot & Co Hair South Yarra

Born of a long line of stylists with a history of style, cool , life, love and creativity we find Elliot and Co.

Two gentlemen who have spent their lives styling the hair of each mini era, fashion, celebrity and style follower alike, decided it was time to slow down and ply their craft to those who wanted and appreciated the artistry of a beautiful cut and a rich wonderful colour.

They chose South Yarra. An old stomping ground and epicentre of what was and the possibility of what can be again. They chose a space which was inviting but not hurried and focused on an experience akin to visiting a friend for their customers.

We call them talented geniuses, they call themselves Johnny and Rock, or Elliot and Co.


Address: 45 Ralston Street South Yarra Vic 3141
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Elliot & Co Hair South Yarra
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